NDTV’s Ravish Kumar on Monday got the Ramon Magsaysay Award for journalism in Manila. In his acceptance speech, he said that the Indian media was in a state of structural crisis. He praised those who are putting “their lives and careers at risk to practice honest journalism”.

Ravish Kumar















Here is the full text of Ravish Kumar’s speech:

“My world has changed since the announcement of the Ramon Magsaysay award. Your hospitality has won over my heart ever since I have arrived in Manila as it has outshined the honor conferred upon me. To that end, from being a mere guest, I feel you have made me a part of your family. Usually, award ceremonies are made up of temporary meetings: we meet today and perhaps not again. Though, here it feels different. You have been successful in making me realize that I must indeed have done a deed good enough for you to have chosen me because otherwise, we are all just ordinary people trying to get by. Your love has made me more humble and responsible than before.”

There are four other winners of the 2019 Ramon Magsaysay Award are Ko Swe Win from Myanmar, Angkhana Neelapaijit from Thailand, Raymundo Pujante Cayabyab from the Philippines and Kim Jong-Ki from South Korea.