On Saturday, PM Modi addressed a broad gathering in Ellenabad in Haryana’s Sirsa district for campaigning for the Haryana Meeting election 2019. PM Narendra Modi sharpened his attack on the Congress, alleging that their corrupt policies led to “systematic failure” in Jammu and Kashmir over a protracted time and weakened India’s national security on a loyal foundation over the past 70 years.

PM Modi also said that “four lakh Kashmiri Pandits had been then compelled to head away from their houses within the valley and below the threat of weapons and bombs. Pakistan presented uncomfortable-border fear and overshadowed the tradition of peace and Sufism.”


PM Modi also acknowledged, “The BJP executive took a courageous option and ended this non-eternal provision,” adding, “If you happen to make me eternal for five years, why would I allow this non-eternal thing to head-on. All of India desires these hurdles removed. Jammu and Kashmir too, are attempting to leer faster development and better fashion.”