Deepak, who bowled brilliantly in the third match of the series, said that he was bowling as per the need of the team in the match. The score was not very large. God’s blessings were with him and the bowling done thoughtfully came to India’s victory.

Deepak Chahar said, “It is always special to make a record, but records are made only when God wishes. Contribution to victory against Bangladesh is also no less important. 10 November 2019 has become the most memorable date for me so far. Playing for Team India for a long time and winning the team is now the biggest goal of my life.”

Deepak Chahar

Deepak Chahar was in talks with Hindustan on Monday after taking the first hat-trick for India in the International T20. Deepak said that he is still not convinced that he has taken 6 wickets including a hat-trick by giving only 7 runs. Deepak said that at least 25 runs are made to take so many wickets.

Deepak said that he first thanked God after India’s victory and setting a record. When started playing Ranji Trophy, it was thought that Team India’s blue jersey is the ultimate goal. Now wearing a blue jersey, he is expected to win every match in which he plays.

(With inputs from livehindustan)