India is the fifth-worst country after China, Malaysia, Pakistan, and the US in terms of extensive and invasive use of biometric data, according to a new report from Britain-based tech research firm Comparitech on Wednesday. India shares the fifth position with Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, said the study. India ranked relatively lower in the list of worst countries for biometric data collection as it does not permit law enforcement to get access to the national biometric database known as Aadhaar.

For the study, the researchers analyzed 50 different countries to find out where biometrics are being taken, what they are being taken for, and how they are being stored.

Biometric Data of Indians not safeEach country has been scored out of 25, with high scores indicating extensive and invasive use of biometrics and/or surveillance and a low score demonstrating better restrictions and regulations regarding biometric use and surveillance.

Among the factors used for scoring the countries, the researchers looked at whether the country failed to introduce a law to protect biometric data.

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