AIR is a very simple, easy and cheap media. From the rural to the urban areas, the media has access to all kinds of listeners, including citizens, farmers, brothers, children, youth groups. On this occasion, news in ‘Braille’ script was aired on behalf of Nagpur Radio, for the purpose that the media can also benefit greatly from the illumination of the blind. This is the first time that Nagpur AIR has been experimented with and proved successful.

The World Day of the Divine Day was celebrated uniquely on behalf of the AIR News department at Nagpur under the Central Information and Broadcasting Office. A two-minute newsletter at 4.30 am on behalf of the News Department was read live by a blind man with the help of a Braille script. The newsletter was read by Raghuvir Kurmi, a blind teacher at Blind Boys Institute in South Ambazari Road.

Braille news for the first time in NagpurAssistant Director of News Department Gauri Marathe said, “We have launched this program to create awareness among the visually impaired.” Raghuvir Kurmi was visually impaired because he was told the news prepared by our colleagues. He wrote that in Braille. He practiced reading the news once and read it live with 1.5 minutes’ confidence. This is the kind of activity Pune Radio has been doing for the past two years. But for the first time, Nagpur skyline experimented and it was successful. Speaking to Mata, he said that we will conduct this experiment on January 5, even though it is Braille script day.

This unique initiative undertaken by the AIR News section is trying to build confidence among the disabled. Gauri Marathe, Assistant Director of AIR News Department, Manoj Sonone, News Editor, Dhananjay Wankhede, Air News correspondent, Pravin Kawade of Nagpur Aviation and Assistant Director of Program Department Dr. Harish Parashar gave the idol.

(With inputs from Maharashtra times)