It is high time to think and find measures to ensure the safety of children in school buses in Nagpur as the recent incident of the death of the eight-year-old boy who was killed under the school bus when he was deboarding evidently directs towards the seriousness of the issue.

School Bus Accident In City

The alarming incident has really sparked the speculations regarding the safety of the children in the school buses. Earlier also similar incidents had occurred and from time to time the courts have also raised and questioned the safety measures in these buses. Naturally, the question arises, who is really responsible for this? It is the responsibility of the traffic department to make sure that the buses are abiding by the safety norms but the department only wakes up after such an accident.

As per information, there are strict norms for the school buses and the buses cannot be operated in the absence of an attendant. At the same, it is also the responsibility of the school to make sure that the buses are following the rules.

After this incident, the parents have expressed their concern about the indifference of the transport department towards the issue. It is also been noted due to the casual approach of the transport authority, the school bus policy implementation remained static in Nagpur.

The deceased eight-year-old boy Yash Mewalal Mishra, a student of Std III in Orange City School in Mohan Nagar lost his life when the driver of the school bus he traveled crushed him in Bajeria, near Santra market on Friday evening. The bus driver failed to notice the boy as he got down from the bus and walked in front of the vehicle.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)