The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is bringing in a policy wherein a pet lover cannot keep more than two dogs, said mayor Sandip Joshi.

He was replying to the residents of Vijay Cooperative Housing Society, Sonegaon, who told him how a resident was feeding almost 15 dogs at her house in their locality. The residents were speaking to him during the first day of mayor’s Janta Darbar that kicked off from the Laxmi Nagar zone.

Joshi’s first Janta Darbar received more than 60 complaints. He directed assistant municipal commissioner (Laxmi Nagar zone) Raju Bhivgade to address all grievances at the earliest. Most of the complaints pertained to irregular sweeping of roads, choking of sewer lines, encroachments, bad roads, stray cattle and dog menace, etc.

Bad news for pet lovers

Residents told the mayor that they cannot venture out any time during the day due to stray dog menace. Despite complaints to the NMC’s veterinary department and even to local corporator Lahukumar Baheti, no action was taken. “Now, a woman feeds almost 15 stray dogs and they chase every resident in the locality,” they claimed.

Joshi told them that the NMC is framing a policy that will restrict any pet lover not to keep more than two dogs. He said soon, a proposal in this regard will be tabled before the general body meeting and will be implemented.

Bajaj Nagar residents also pointed out about dog excrement on pavements, especially in front of entrance gates of many houses and public grounds and parks. They also stressed the need to restart penalizing dog owners who fail to clean the poop of their canines. Residents also expressed concern over cattle straying in playgrounds and roads.

Despite the mandatory rule of having a dog license by paying just Rs200 per annum, only 121 citizens have licenses to keep canines. The NMC even used to penalize pet owners for dog excrement on pavements or roads. But due to casual approach of the NMC’s veterinary department, the move is not being implemented.

Venkatesh Nagar residents exposed NMC’s failure to address the accumulation of water and garbage in Sanchayani premises near Khamla Square. “Despite high court’s directive and contempt, the NMC has done nothing,” said Satish Vaidya, a resident of Venkatesh Nagar, adding that the entire premises have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes due to accumulation of water and garbage.

Joshi said the NMC had prepared an estimate to fill the basement and ground floor of the building. For the purpose, it needed around Rs 3.50 crore. “So, we have decided to fill it with the help of public participation,” he said.

To a complaint from residents, Joshi threatened MSEDCL’s Congress Nagar division to sit on a hunger strike in front of their office if they failed to cover the meter board at Rambagh Complex Apartment Association in Ramkrishna Nagar, Khamla. January 24 is the deadline to address the issue, he said.

Devakar Varshe, a resident of Sneh Nagar, pointed out about the substandard work while constructing a community hall in a playground in their locality. “Constructed a couple of years ago with funds sanctioned by former CM Devendra Fadnavis, walls and ceiling of the hall developed cracks,” he claimed. Joshi asked Bhivgade to visit the spot and submit a report.

(With inputs from timesofindia)