State discom MSEDCL has proposed a moderate hike in power tariff for 2020-21. This time, it has proposed a slight increase in energy charges for domestic consumers, but fixed charges will depend on your consumption now.

There is some relief for consumers as the wheeling charges have been reduced. The higher-end consumers have been spared sharp hikes as MSEDCL fears that they may switch over to solar.

MSEDCL proposes moderate hike in power tariff

MSEDCL has filed a tariff petition for the next five years. Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) will fix the tariff based on objections and suggestions given by consumers. The consumers can submit the same to MERC by February 4. The first public hearing will be held in Pune on February 6 and the final one in Nashik on February 15.

The Nagpur hearing will be on February 11. A copy of the detailed petition can be obtained from the local chief engineer’s office by paying the stipulated charges.

Currently, the fixed charges were Rs90 per month for domestic consumers irrespective of the consumption. MSEDCL has proposed to levy it depending on your consumption. If your consumption is up to 100 units, it will be Rs100, if it is between 101 and 500 units, it will be Rs110, and if it’s above 500 units, then it will be Rs120 per month.

The wheeling charges have been reduced from Rs1.21 per unit to Rs1.15 per unit. As for energy charges, there is no hike for below poverty line (BPL) consumers and modest hike for domestic consumers.

MSEDCL has sharply reduced the fixed charges for small commercial establishments. Currently, it is Rs391 per month. For connections having load up to 20 KVA, it will now be Rs207 per month. However, it has been increased for loads more than this.

The variable charges for small commercial establishments have also been reduced for high consumption. At present for loads up to 20 KVA, the tariff is Rs6.10 per unit up to 200 units, and Rs9.25 per unit above that. Now, a flat tariff of Rs7.90 per unit has been proposed. There is a 2% increase for consumers having a load between 20 KVA and 50 KVA and no increase for those having load more than 50 KVA.

As usual, industries will bear the brunt of MSEDCL’s tariff hikes. An increase of 10% has been proposed for high tension (HT) industrial consumers in Rs/KVA/month tariff. There is, however, a negligible increase in variable charges.

The proposed hike for metered agricultural consumers is 5%. The tariff for public services (government institutions) having load up to 20 KVA is flat at Rs3.70 per unit while that for non-government institutions is Rs5.80 per unit. There is a hike of 4-6% for loads above this. The electrical vehicle charging stations’ tariff has been increased from Rs4.72 per unit to Rs5 per unit

(With inputs from timesofindia)