A move to prevent defacement of the city, the civic administration of the city recently formed a committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Manish Kothe. And for achieving the target the civic body is planning on systematic implementation of a cable system. Now the cable operators would have to seek prior permission from Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) before laying cable in the city. As per the information, the cable wires hanging at various places need to be avoided as it gives a bad look to the city


During the meeting of the committee, they have also decided that NMC would enforce The Cable and Television Network (Regulation) Act 1995.

Civic bodies would frame rules and regulations for cable operators and if they have to lay cable network, either underground or overground, they would have to seek permission for which they would need to pay a convenience fee to NMC. Also, the civic body will have the right to direct cable operators on the path to be taken for laying or pulling cable in the larger interest of citizens and the city. As per information, NMC will conduct a meeting about proposed regulation on January 21 and all the cable operators have been called for consultation in the meeting.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)