Sejal Entertainment Nagpur has organized ”Carva Super hit Melodious Songs ……..” a Musical concert at Scientific Hall, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar and other guests lighted the traditional lamp and garland Maa Sarasvati for the Inauguration of said musical concert. The program starts with ” Sainath Tere Hajaro Hath …… sung by Dr. Sanjay Borkar ., Other singers were Rupali Das Roy, Nitin Zade, Sharmila Pal, Shejal Borkar, Swati Khadse, Sheetal Tokalwar, and Master Kshitij.

Sejal Entertainment Nagpur Soulful songs like Katon Se Khich ke Anchal. Sharmila Pal, O Hansini … Nitin Zade, Nisha aahha…Sejal, Chahunga Mai Tuze Sanj savere … Sanjay Borkar. Kitne Bhi Tu Kar le Sitam….. Shital Tokalwar, Rangila Re …Swati Khadse, Ankhiyan Sang Akhiyana….. Sanjay Borkar, Mai Shayar to Nahi… Kshitij Borkar, Tum jo Mil Gaye Ho… Sanjay Borkar, Ja Re Ja O harjai…. By Shital Tokalwar, were presented by singers.

Duet songs O Priya.Sanjay and Shejal, Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya. Sanjay, Sharmila, Tum Sang Preet Lagai. Nitin and Shital…, Soni Meri Soni… Rupali Roy Sanjay, Hothon Pe Aisi bat… Shejal Borkar. were received rousing applaud from the audience and enjoyed by the audience. O Saheba .. O Saheba.. … By Sanjay Borkar and Sharmila Pal also well received by the audience. Parda hai, Parda ….. by Sanjay Borkar received loud applaud from the audience. Saibaba Bolo… Presented by Sanjay Borkar enthralls the audience with bubbling energy.

Many new singers impressed the audience with remarkable performances during the program. The audience on its part kept cheering them and encouraging them to give the best. Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar, And Rajesh Samarth, Vijay Jathe, Sangeeta Jagtap has invited Guests. Anchor Nasir Khan has done his job nicely. He narrates various stories in connection with songs.

Chief guest Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar encourages the singers and anchor by giving Cash Prizes to them. By profession, He is a Principal of Engineering College, but having immense interest and contribution to the field of music. He is a renowned singer in our city.

At the interval of the program, Organisers felicitate Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar, Vijay Jathe, Rajesh Samarth, Sangeeta Jagtap, Rupali Dasroy, Bhaskar Waghule, and others by presenting Buke. In his reply to the felicitation, Dr. Uttarwar gave thanks to Sanjay Borkar, Sejal Borkar for lovely felicitation and extends his good wishes for future of the Sejal Entertainment group.

The program comes to end at 10 pm and music lovers move with the euphoria of sweet songs.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)