YogaAll this happened about environmental pollution, but do you know that we humans are the best in polluting the atmosphere even by our thoughts? Yes! This harsh truth is a little hard to digest, but this is reality. According to some medical experts, about 42 thoughts per minute are produced in the human brain ie 2520 thoughts per hour. In such a situation, at the micro-level, we have to face unusual problems like ‘unlimited thoughts and limited solutions’ due to which most of us become victims of stress and anxiety, then does it mean that our thoughts are crowded inside our minds are doing? Can we not think only of these problems to create harmony and open space in our minds? Because open space creates a sense of freedom in front of us with an open horizon and unlimited possibilities.

Do this work to bring purity and harmony inside the mind

Apart from this, the more we improve the quality of our thoughts, the more purity and harmony will be built inside our minds. This difficult goal can be achieved with a simple technique called ‘Raja Yoga‘. Raja Yoga is an activity that teaches us to live with minimum chaos, as a result of which we feel greater peace in our life. If we convince our mind to live ‘with limited resources’ then nothing in the world can bother us. Remember! Our aim should not be to suppress our thoughts.

The simplicity of thoughts will bring perseverance in life

We have to slowly and naturally free ourselves from unnecessary and meaningless thoughts and give our mind an open space to breathe. During this run-of-the-mill life, initially, all these things will seem unrealistic and inaccessible to us, but the simplicity of our thoughts will bring perseverance and clarity in our lives. This will then open many doors of solution and will create a new sense of intuitive power within us, which will do the successful job of allowing the highest quality ideas to enter our mind through the work of efficient filtration, so from today onwards this quality control method of ideas Implement within yourself and do the best job of reducing pollution of ideas.

(With inputs from Inextlive)