The old and bad conditioned gypsies which are using for jungle safari in the Gorewada forest are tarnishing the experience of tourists due to the frequent breakdowns of it.

As per information, the five gypsies they are using for jungle safari is in a complete sense lost all its charm and it is high time to replace them immediately. As per the source, there are four adult leopards and cubs in the Gorewada forest. However, nobody can sight them, because noisy gypsies are scaring away the animals. The private vehicles are allowed in the area and it is a relief for the people. Even the roads are repaired, but traveling in gypsy still a difficult one.

Gorewada Jungle Safari

According to a forest official, all the gypsies are privately owned and when the break down happens they suspend the gypsies for a week. And he said that within a year there will be a change because a private company has already got the contract for developing the park. With this, new vehicles will come to this forest area soon.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)