The wave of protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registrar for Citizen (NRC) is nowhere to stop in the country. Every day new group protests against this and around 150 above groups participated in the protest against CAA NRC organized Samvidhan Square on January 29.

CAA, NRC protest in the Nagpur city, 150 groups participated

The two-day mass agitation is organized by Jamiat Ulmae Hind group in which around 150 other groups have participated.

In this silent protest, thousands of students, members of different religious communities, leaders took part, while chanting slogans of ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ and waving the flag of India.

Malkit Singh one of the members of this agitation said that this act imposed on the citizens is just not acceptable and it should be withdrawn from the constitution, we will not stop till it is withdrawn.

CAA, NRC protest in the Nagpur city, 150 groups participated

Bhante Dhampriya Durgawati Chowk North Nagpur said that we want the constitution should be equal for all. Bharat is our country, and people who are trying to separate people on the basis of religion will not be acceptable. We want that this act must be discarded from the constitution for the betterment of people and country.

Zakir Khan, member of Jamiat Ulmae Hind group said that the current government is dividing the nation with the introduction of this act. Even the agenda of the Delhi election is focused on Shaheen bagh and not related to development. We salute the people of Shaheen Bagh as they are united and stand against CAA, NRC. We are Indians and will be always the people of India. Our fight for justice is long and difficult but we will fight for our equality.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)