The civic chief of Nagpur civic body Tukaram Mundhe has directed the citizens to provide only segregated garbage. And if they failed to do so Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will not collect garbage from such households. NMC has been creating awareness about cleanliness and sanitation under the Swachh Survekshan.

For the purpose, NMC has been making appeals to the people to have separate containers for disposal of wet and dry waste at households. However, despite frequent appeals, most of the garbage collected from the households are of a mixed nature. After monitoring this situation, the Municipal Commissioner has asked the citizens to give only the segregated waste to the sanitation workers collecting waste from households. The norm is applicable to the shop owners, paan-kiosks, hawkers, vendors, and other establishments in the city.

They have to keep two separate waste-bins to collect wet and dry waste in a segregated manner. Besides, people should take care not to dispose of waste in the area near their residence/establishment. In the bin for wet waste, one can dispose of vegetable waste, fruit waste, food, stale food, eggshells, fish, chicken bones, rotten fruits, used tea powder, used plates, tender shoots of trees, leaves, flowers, garlands, grass, etc. The dry waste includes plastic items, bottles, sheets, boxes, packing material, wrapper, packets of milk and curd, newspapers, note-books, invitation cards, empty boxes of pizza or sweets, bowls, plates, spoons, thermocol, sponge, duster, ceramic cups and saucers, wood, hair, coconut shell, etc.