The young talented artists of classes 4 & 5 of Centre Point School, Katol Road regaled the audience with their scintillating performance in the concert titled ‘Talespin’ staged on 8th Feb’2020 in the school Muktangan.

With cent percent participation, the stage was set ablaze with the superb performance of the actors, dancers, crooners, and voice-overs. The scripts, superbly ideated and scripted by the class teachers, were popular tales for children, which were spun with a twist in each one of them to convey a message. The tales that were enacted included Moana by 4 A, B. Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book by 4 C, D. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs by 4 E, F. Nutcracker Prince by 5 A, B. Cinderella by 5 C, D and The Little Mermaid by 5 E, F. The detailing in the props and costumes complemented the enactment. The background music, the songs are sung by singers, the light and sound effects all added to the perfection of the performance.

The Centers were applauded by the audience including parents and grandparents. Prominently present for the show were Mrs. Mukta Chatterjee, Executive Director, Centre Point Group of Schools and Mrs. Kana Roy Chaudhuri erstwhile Principal of CPS Katol Road. In her address, Mrs. Chatterjee commended the teachers and stars of the show for putting up such “a wonderful concert which kept the audience on the edge of their seats for two hours”. The Principal Mrs. Shilpee Ganguly also appreciated the teachers for ideating and training the students and bringing out the best in them.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)