The unpaid bills and non-payment of reimbursements are brewing troubles as it has been reported that 3000 schools may boycott RTE free admissions in the next academic year. As per information, the schools under the banner of the Independent English Schools Association (IESA) stated that the education department is not clearing the bills for petty reasons. They have approached the concerned authority in this matter and expressed their objection. However; no action has been taken yet. They are acting like the deaf.

They say that their bills cannot be cleared because the students’ Aadhaar number is not mentioned. On the contrary, they said that RTE admission is done by the government and if the student is not given the Aadhaar number how they declare the same student as ineligible for free reimbursement. According to RTE action committee chairman, Shahid Sharif,” if the school is not recognized under RTE section 18 act and if they do not get approval from the education department they are not entitled to the reimbursement. First, they have to check for it and after that, they can claim on the same.”

The association is also demanded that all such ineligible students must then be recalled by the education department. IESA claims to have around 3700 schools. And the other reason the proposed change in intake capacity. And they alleged that the proposed change will make a bad effect on them. If the school has 100 intake capacity and in which 25 seats are reserved for the RTE students. And if only 50 of these filled up they scared that the intake capacity will be decreased into 25-50. All this because the education department says that the previous year’s admission intake will be considered for the next year. And the IESA doubt that this will harm their growth.

(With inputs from thelivenagpur)